Preliminary Safety Review 2017

This publication provides an early overview of the aviation safety statistics for 2016 in the domain of Commercial Air Transport Aeroplanes. The reports covers both worldwide operations and those involving the 32 EASA Member States.

With 3 per million flights, the 2016 accident rate of EASA Member States is 0.0003 % of all CAT flights, and it improved by 43% compared to 2015. One fatal accident which occurred in Sweden with a cargo plane killing 2 flight crew reminded us that safety can never be taken for granted. The serious incident rate in 2016 is 16 per million flights which is an increase by 38% compared to 2015.

The most relevant relevant key risk areas continue to be Aircraft Upset, Runway Excursion and Aircraft System failure, together with their associated safety issues: Flight crew awareness, monitoring of aircraft parameters, handling of technical failures and Crew Resource Management (CRM).