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Management System Assessment Tool

One of the core capabilities required to support effective implementation of safety management is the ability to monitor the effectiveness of an organisation's management systems. Competent authorities must be able to assess the effectiveness of management systems as part of their oversight. The EASA Management System Assessment tool is intended to support authorities with this task. While the tool is primarily intended to support the assessment of management systems during initial certification and continuing oversight, it may also be used by organisations to self-assess the effectiveness of their management system or of their subcontracted organisations. 

The tool was developed by a group of subject matter experts from Industry and Competent Authorities under a mandate from the EASA Regulatory Advisory Group (now Member States Advisory Body). 
The EASA Management System Assessment tool promotes a common approach to management system assessment and continuous improvement of SMS across the different aviation domains. The assessment results can be used as an input into performance based oversight activities and to support the varying of the oversight planning cycle by the competent authority.

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