EASA Artificial Intelligence Concept Paper Issue 2

Guidance for Level 1 & 2 machine-learning applications
AI CP Issue 02

In a significant next step on its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roadmap, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published Issue 2 of its Concept Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

This issue of the EASA AI Concept Paper refines the guidance for Level 1 AI applications (those enhancing human capabilities) and deepens the exploration of 'learning assurance', 'AI explainability' and 'ethics-based assessment'. These foundation concepts are crucial for the safe and trustworthy development and implementation of AI technologies in aviation.

Going one step further, this new issue provides comprehensive guidance for the development and deployment of Level 2 AI-based systems. Level 2 AI introduces the groundbreaking concept of 'human-AI teaming' (HAT), setting the stage for AI systems that automatically take decisions under human oversight. This advancement in the authority level of AI-based systems shows the need for human guidance and design principles to ensure safe 'human-AI interaction' (HAII).

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EASA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concept Paper Issue 2: Guidance for Level 1&2 machine learning applications, March 2024.