Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks (CoDANN) II

AI Roadmap

EASA already used some findings from both CoDANN projects in drafting the first usable guidance for Level 1 machine learning applications released for public consultation in April 2021. Points of interest for future research activities, standards development and certification exercises have also been identified. These will contribute to stimulating EASA efforts towards the introduction of AI/ML technology in aviation.

January 2024 update

As part of CoDANN II IPC activities, the possibility for GPUs used in AI/ML application being compliant with AMC 20-152A and AMC 20-193 was also analysed, and identified challenges analysed in a dedicated Appendix. This Appendix B was withheld from the first issue of CODANN II public report for confidentiality reasons. It has recently been made public by Daedalean resulting in CoDANN II public report being updated to version 1.1 to include this Appendix.

Quoting this report

EASA and Daedalean, Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks (CoDANN) II with Appendix B, January 2024.