DOARI 2024-01 Consultation Paper ‘Unintentional Deviations in Production’

A deviation from the approved design data introduces evolutions to the manufactured product, part, or appliance. They can be seen as equivalent to those evolutions which are introduced by a change. They may affect the physical or functional condition of a product, part, or appliance, and the impact on airworthiness could be appreciable or not appreciable.

Such evolutions can affect the form, fit, function, material, and performance in a similar manner to an embodied change or repair. Since the airworthiness shall be guaranteed under any circumstance, such evolutions shall be addressed following the same principles in place of changes to TC for their classification and approval.

In the light of the above, this DOARI proposes a deviation from the acceptable means of compliance to Part 21.A.263(c)(1) and (2) for a procedure for the classification and approval of unintentional production deviation by a DOA holder within its terms of approval, which is based on the principles of AMC1 21.A.263(c)(1) & AMC1 21.A.263(c)(2), for the exercise of the corresponding privileges. Similarly to changes and repair, minor deviations shall be approved under the DOA privilege, where applicable, while major deviations shall be applied for approval to the Agency following the same process as for major changes or STCs.

Official comments to the proposed Consultation Paper are to be sent through the EASA Comment Response Tool (CRT)

NB The deadline for comments has been extended from 3/05/2024 to 21/06/2024.