CRD 2015-15

Additional airworthiness specifications for operations: thermal/acoustic insulation materials

The aim of rulemaking task RMT.0071 (26.004) is to improve the protection of occupants on board large commercial air transport (CAT) aeroplanes in case of in-flight or post-crash fire.

The related Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 2015-15 proposed, within the new framework introduced by Part-26 and CS-26, the introduction of additional airworthiness requirements and specifications for operations in order to make CS 25.856 specifications applicable also to newly produced aircraft of already certified types.

This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains the comments received on NPA 2015-15 and the responses, as well as a summary thereof, provided thereto by EASA.

Based on the comments and responses, the production cut-in option was confirmed and the relevant Opinion No 04/2016 has been developed.

For information, EASA publishes the draft Decision (CS-26) in this CRD. The proposed amendments to the implementing rule (IR) are contained in the related Opinion No 04/2016, which is published in parallel with this CRD.