CRD 2014-23

Integrated modular avionics

This comment-response document (CRD) contains the comments received on notice of proposed amendment (NPA) 2014-23 (published on 10.09.2014) and the responses, or a summary thereof, provided thereto by the Agency.

The proposed ETSO-2C153 is different from the corresponding FAA TSO-153, the latter containing just basic minimum performance specifications for the various integrated modules avionics (IMA) hardware platform modules.

The specific objective of this ETSO-2C153 on IMA is to ensure a cost-efficient and transparent certification process for IMA by offering to IMA manufacturers the possibility to obtain ETSO authorisations at platform/module level, independent of aircraft.

The new ETSO-2C153 will be added to Index 2 (i.e. significantly different from corresponding FAA provisions) of CS-ETSO, through an amendment to said CS-ETSO.

It should be noted that the issuance of ETSO-2C153 constitutes just the first step that will be followed by:

  1. a proposal for an AMC 20-170, that will provide guidance on the incremental certification of IMA, starting with platform modules and culminating in their installation on aircraft (RMT.0622); and
  2. a proposal to update the CS-ETSO Subpart A, offering to integrators of aircraft functions on already authorised IMA platforms the possibility to obtain ETSO authorisations, independent of aircraft (RMT.0621).

Based on the comments on NPA 2014-23 and the responses thereto, Decision 2016/006/R was developed.