CRD 2013-13


This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains AMC (Acceptable Means of Compliance) and GM (Guidance Material) to Part-ARO.RAMP dealing with ramp inspection of community operators and third country operators. The RAMP inspection programme is part of Annex I (Part-ARO) of Commission Regulation (EU) 965/20121 (Air OPS). The AMC/GM clarifies the conditions for the approval and continuous validity of ramp inspection training organisations, and includes additional guidance and instructions to inspectors on how to perform ramp inspections.

This CRD contains the comments received to NPA 2013-13 (published on 22.07.2013) and provides a summary of comments and responses in Chapter 2. Based on the comments received the Agency developed Decision 2014/025/R containing the final text of the AMC/GM.

The AMC/GM addresses the continuous need for a harmonised and standardised execution of ramp inspections of EU and third country operators.

It affects EASA, the National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) of EU Member States plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, as well as SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) participating countries. In addition, all operators flying to airports of participating countries are also affected, since they can be subject to inspections.