CRD 2013-10

Helicopter offshore operations

NPA 2013-10 ‘Helicopter offshore operations’ was published on 6 June 2013 and received 368 comments from 26 commentators.

A complete list of comments and responses thereto, as well as a summary thereof are included in this CRD.

Revised draft Regulations, AMC and GM based on the comments are also included.

The CRD publication was delayed to allow the CAA UK offshore review to finish, which resulted in the publication of CAP 1145 ‘Civil Aviation Authority – Safety review of offshore public transport helicopter operations in support of the exploitation of oil and gas’. It was considered that recommendations from this offshore review might influence the EASA proposal for offshore operations. The CRD, therefore, contains a section explaining if and how these recommendations are included in this proposal.

Stakeholders are invited to verify if their comments were appropriately addressed, and to comment as requested in the CRD.

The Agency will review eventual reactions and take them into account when drafting its final Opinion.