CRD 2012-15

B2L and L Part-66 aircraft maintenance licences

Article 7(8) of Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 reads: ‘The Agency shall submit an opinion to the Commission including proposals for a simple and proportionate system for the licensing of certifying staff involved in the maintenance of ELA1 aeroplanes as well as aircraft other than aeroplanes and helicopters’.

In addition, it was requested by industry to simplify the Part-66 avionics licence by adapting it to the lower complexity of light aircraft.

A proposal for two new types of licences (L and B2L) covering the aspects described above was issued by the Agency in October 2012 through NPA 2012-15.

This document includes the comments received from stakeholders and competent authorities and the responses thereto provided by the Agency further to the publication of the NPA together with the proposed amendments to the AMC/GM. The proposed amendments to the rules are contained in the related Opinion No 05/2015 issued by the Agency.