ED Decision 2022/018/R

Regular update of CS-ETSO and ETSO for electrical hoist equipment

CS-ETSO Amendment 17 
The objective of this Decision is:

  • to significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic accidents during human external cargo operations using rotorcraft 
  • to significantly reduce safety issues linked to offshore operations and address four safety recommendations issued by the UK Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB)  following helicopter accidents.
  • to offer more possibilities for EU applicants to obtain ETSO authorisations as well as to align CS-ETSO with European operational requirements. These amendments are expected to ensure a level playing field for European manufacturers and will increase the cost-effectiveness of compliance demonstrations;

To this aim the Decision:

  • mitigates the risks linked to the failures of electrical rotorcraft hoists during hoisting operations.
  • introduces new ETSOs which are not part of  the FAA TSOs series including ’Electronic light bag (EFB) software application approval” and “Helicopter terrain awareness and warning systems advanced features’;
  • introduces new standards for parts which are to the extent possible, technically equivalent to the FAA TSOs including “Aircraft Portable Megaphones”; and
  • reviews and aligns identified ETSOs to harmonise with the corresponding FAA TSOs.