ED Decision 2022/009/R

CS-STAN Issue 4

The objective of this Decision is to reduce the regulatory burden and cost for general aviation (GA) with regard to the embodiment of specific Standard Changes (SCs) and Standard Repairs (SRs) in certain aircraft, while improving the level of safety. 

The amendments introduced by this Decision are based on lessons learned and experience gained during the application of CS-STAN, proposals submitted by stakeholders, and on technological innovations introduced by the industry, which can bring safety benefits and allow the implementation of the latest technologies in a cost-efficient manner.

EASA also specifies in CS-STAN Issue 4, when applicable and justified, the acceptance of parts without an EASA Form 1 in accordance with point 21.A.307(b)(4) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/699, which shall apply from 18 May 2022. 

The amendments are expected to provide economic benefits for the GA community by reducing the regulatory burden regarding the embodiment of SCs and SRs in certain aircraft when applying the acceptable methods, techniques and practices included in CS-STAN, as well as when accepting certain new parts without an EASA Form 1. 

The amendments are not expected to have any significant social or environmental impact.