ED Decision 2020/018/R

Amendment to the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Part-FCL and Part-ARA of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 — ‘Basic instrument rating’

AMC & GM to Part-FCL — Issue 1, Amendment 10
AMC & GM to Part-ARA — Issue 1, Amendment 10

The objective of this Decision is to address the objective established by the General Aviation (GA) Road Map, which is to work towards simpler, lighter and better rules for GA. 

The key principles for the basic instrument rating (BIR) are that the training is entirely competency-based and flexible, and focuses on the practical needs of GA pilots, and that the practical training and testing standards are similar to those of the current Part-FCL CB-IR. The competency-based training is conducted through a modular training system. There are four modules: Module 1 is completed first, but the order in which Modules 2 and 3, and — if applicable — Module 4, are completed, is up to the applicant. The new AMC1 FCL.835 ‘Basic instrument rating (BIR)’ provides the competency criteria required for the relevant training modules of the BIR. Each module contains the required individual competencies. It will be up to the training organisation or instructor to determine whether the competencies have been assimilated to the required standard before allowing the candidate to progress to the next module or skill test. This will allow that the difference in learning speed of candidates can be taken into account for their progress. 

In the existing AMC1 ARA.FCL.300(b) ‘Examination procedures’, new columns are added in relation to the exam length, the total number of questions, and the distribution of questions per the BIR modules.