ED Decision 2020/009/R

Rescue and firefighting services at aerodromes

AMC & GM to Authority, Organisation and Operations Requirements for Aerodromes — Issue 1, Amendment 3

The objective of this Decision is to maintain a high level of safety for aerodrome operations. In particular, it aims to enhance the effectiveness of rescue and firefighting personnel when responding to aviation emergencies at an aerodrome, by allowing the aerodrome operators to train rescue and firefighting personnel on pressure-fed fuel fires more frequently at facilities that utilise fuel other than jet fuel (e.g. gas). The substitution of the jet fuel with other types of fuels provides an alternative way to the training, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, the Decision provides guidance material to support aerodrome operators to verify the medical and physical fitness condition of the rescue and firefighting personnel. The guidance material is based on current medical practices for rescue and firefighting personnel and on ICAO Doc 9137 Part 1 ‘Rescue and firefighting services’.