ED Decision 2016/029/R

CS-ETSO - Amendment 12

This Decision addresses improved industry standard related to European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs), improves harmonisation with the FAA TSOs and deletes obsolute ETSO’s which are no longer used by industry.

More specifically, this Decision

  1. modifies of a number of ETSOs in order to harmonise them with the corresponding FAA TSOs;
  2. introduces new ETSOs which are technically similar to existing FAA TSOs; and
  3. deletes obsolete ETSOs which are no longer used by industry.

The changes introduced by CS-ETSO Amendment 12 are expected to reduce regulatory burden for installation of FAA TSO parts and appliances by EASA and vice versa, to increase cost-effectiveness, and to align CS-ETSO to the state of the art. The affected stakeholders include Certification Authorities, Manufacturers of parts and appliances.

CS-ETSO Amendment 12 contains only subjects considered as non-complex, non-controversial, and mature.

Therefore, to further increase the efficiency of the rulemaking process, this amendment of CS-ETSO is issued without prior consultation of an NPA, by using the procedure as provided for by Article 15 (‘Special rulemaking procedure: direct publication') of Management Board Decision No 18-2015 of 15 December 2015.