ED Decision 2016/026/R

CS-VLR / Amendment 2

This Decision addresses a number of safety and regulatory coordination issues that are not or are only partially addressed in the current CS-VLR.

The specific objective is to update the certification specifications for very light rotorcraft in order to maintain a high level of safety and to provide cost-efficient rules.

This Decision proposes the following main changes:

  • to revise AMC VLR.351 to reflect certification experience and to ensure a consistent and safe approach to establishing structural substantiation; and
  • to adopt AC 27-1B — Change 4, published by FAA in May 2014 — most changes adopted in this AC were previously developed jointly by FAA and EASA.

The proposed changes are expected to increase safety and cost-effectiveness, and reduce regulatory burden and constitute an improvement in terms of harmonisation with other certification authorities.