ED Decision 2016/013/R

CS-ETSO - Amendment 11

This Decision addresses an economic and harmonisation issue related to the regular update of European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs) due to new or updated and improved standards for parts and appliances.

More specifically, the main objectives of this Decision are:

  1. to modify of a number of ETSOs in order to harmonise them with the corresponding FAA TSOs;
  2. to introduce new ETSOs (Index 1) which are technically similar to existing FAA TSOs; and
  3. to introduce a new ETSO (Index 2), not existing in the FAA TSO series (i.e. ETSO-2C515 Aircraft halocarbon Clean Agent — Handheld fire extinguisher).

The changes are expected to reduce regulatory burden for validation of FAA TSO authorisations by EASA and vice versa, to increase cost-effectiveness, and to align CS-ETSO to the state of the art.