ED Decision 2016/012/R

‘AMC and GM to Part-CAT — Issue 2, Amendment 7; AMC and GM to Part-NCC — Amendment 6; and AMC and GM to Part-SPO — Amendment 6’

This document contains newly developed AMC and GM, as well as explanations for their development or amendment, which are intended to complement the new implementing rules (IRs) introduced after the publication of Opinion No 01/2014 in Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/2338 on flight recorders, underwater locating devices and aircraft tracking systems. This document also contains the AMC and GM intended to update the operational requirements applicable to flight data recorders (FDRs).

The AMC and GM are related to the following topics:

  • Protection and use of recordings of the CVR in normal operation;
  • Operational requirements for FDRs when installed on future aircraft; and
  • Recording inspection.

Due to the importance and urgency of the issues and the short time frame, the subject of ED Decision 2016/012/R was consulted only with the relevant EASA advisory bodies; however, two phases of consultation were performed.