Staff evaluation and competence management

Data Protection Record & Privacy Statement


The purpose of the personal data processing is to have an established framework in accordance with the statutory provisions related to:

  • Performance evaluations: 
    • evaluation of the ability, efficiency and conduct of staff members 
  • Competence management aiming at structured approach towards strategic workforce planning, capacity management and staff development (e.g. training, mobility, career development, succession): 
    • assessment of competences relevant to the role (knowledge and skills) 
    • repository of work experience and qualifications 
  • Evaluation of probationary period: 
    • for staff: confirmation of the contract of employment in accordance with Article 34 of the Staff Regulations 
    • for middle management: confirmation of middle management functions in accordance with Article 44(2) of the Staff Regulations 
  • Contract renewal: 
    • as prerequisite: confirmation of the continuation of the post which is currently occupied by the jobholder 
    • confirmation of the competences and performance of the jobholder, justifying the contract renewal either for a fixed term period or an indefinite period 
  • Promotion: Reclassification of temporary/contract agents