CICO Clock-in Clock-out

Data Protection Record & Privacy Statement


The purpose of the personal data processing is the electronic time management system enabling the recording of working time online using a clock-in/clock-out system (“CICO”). The purpose of this system is:

  • to facilitate the registration and increase the accuracy of time registration;
  • to ensure the accuracy of time registration. It is necessary to know the actual working time spend on the different activities/projects, in particular when it comes to the invoicing of the services provided by the agency to various applicants (aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance companies, etc); - to provide an accurate calculation of flexitime hours.

The registration of working time for an EASA staff member is done when the staff member clocks-in to enter the building and clocks-out when leaving the building (staff member’s badge is swiped at turnstiles to enter/leave the building or at all entries in the parking area). At EASA premises, the installed card readers are used to register the start time and end time of working hours.

In cases where the use of the installed card readers is not possible, the staff member shall use the manual process to record clock-ins/clock-outs via the IT CATS portal.