Authorisations under Title II SR

Data Protection Record & Privacy Statement


The purpose of the personal data processing is the collection of requests/declaration from staff members in accordance with staff members’ rights and obligations under Title II of the Staff Regulations with the objective:

  • to examine the requests/declarations submitted by staff members in active employment, on unpaid leave and former staff members with regard to their rights and obligations concerning the topic mentioned above
  • to assess whether or not the requests/declarations are incompatible with the staff members’ obligations under the Staff Regulations and CEOS or constitute a risk for the Agency/EU
  • to authorise requests, possibly with certain restrictions or mitigating measures, or refuse requests (particularly where there is a real or potential conflict of interests, risk of breach of confidentiality, etc.) from staff members wishing to engage in outside activities and assignments and on occupation after leaving the service

The process concerns the following requests in particular:

  • outside activities/assignments for staff in active employment
  • professional activity during unpaid leave
  • activities of staff who have left the Agency (retirement, resignation or end of contract)
  • permission to receive a decoration
  • permission to keep a gift
  • publishing articles and speeches
  • participation in election campaigns
  • holding an elected public office