CAPP Worklist Item (CWI) Decision Documents (between CATA Worklist and CMTS Task Specific Teams)

Certification Authorities for Propulsion Products (CAPP)

The Certification Authorities for Propulsion Products (CAPP) comprises engines certification management representatives from ANAC (Brazil), EASA (EU), FAA (USA), and TCCA (Canada). The CAPP is tasked to identify and pursue, through collaborative activity, certification policy and guidance harmonization opportunities.

For further information, please contact the EASA CAPP management representative:

Julien Delanoy julien.delanoy [at] or Javier Castillo javier.castillo [at]

CAPP Harmonization Decisions

CAPP harmonization decisions are documented in closed CAPP Worklist Item (CWI) forms, signed by the CAPP principals from all four authorities. CAPP closure decisions vary depending on the nature of the issue.

Most CAPP CWI forms document an agreed compliance methodology for the subject certification issue. If an applicant follows the documented methodology, and their certificating authority endorses that methodology for a certification project, the other three CMT authorities will accept the methodology for validation. The objective is to offer to industry harmonized compliance approaches, which if adopted, will streamline the validation process. Typically, the subjects addressed in CAPP decision documents are those that have required significant authority and industry resource expenditure to resolve in multiple projects.

CAPP Worklist Item (CWI) Decision Documents

CAPP Reference


Closure Date
CAPP CWI-3  Novelty of Icing Critical Points Analysis   14/09/2023
CAPP CWI-5 Icing Novelty of ICI Rule  14/09/2023