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Foreign Part-147 Organisations

Maintenance Training Organisation: Part 147 Approvals (MTOA)

 Information is provided below regarding application forms, the foreign maintenance training organisation procedures and the Fees & Charges Regulation.

Relevant legislation

Useful documents

FO.CAO.00156 - Details of Management Personnel (EASA Form 4)
FO.CAO.00012 - Application for EASA Part-147 Approval (EASA Form 12)
FO.CAO.00098 Course Approval B2 BASIC
FO.CAO.00099 Course Approval B1.1 & A1 BASIC
FO.CAO.00100 Course Approval B1.2 & A2 BASIC
FO.CAO.00101 Course Approval B1.3 & A3 BASIC
FO.CAO.00102 Course Approval C TYPE
FO.CAO.00103 Course Approval B1.4 & A4 BASIC
FO.CAO.00104 Course Approval B1.1 & B2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00105 Course Approval B1.1 TYPE
FO.CAO.00106 Course Approval B1.2 & B2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00107 Course Approval B1.2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00108 Course Approval B1.3 & B2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00109 Course Approval B1.3 TYPE
FO.CAO.00110 Course Approval B1.4 TYPE
FO.CAO.00111 Course Approval B1.4 & B2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00112 Course Approval B2 TYPE
FO.CAO.00137 Course Approval B3 BASIC

UG.CAO.00014 Foreign Part 147 approvals User guide for MTO

UG.CAO.00015 Foreign Part 147 approvals User guide for Applicants
UG.CAO.00154 User Guide for the qualification and experience of instructors, knowledge examiners and practical assessors
UG.CAO.00169 Foreign Part-147 Distance learning training method User guide


Enquiries relating to the Foreign Part-147 Organisation Approvals should be addressed to: foreign147 [at]