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Airspace of Eastern Ukraine

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Referenced publication(s):

  • Conflict zones within Ukrainian airspace (Temporary restricted area in the eastern part of Ukraine and UK-P35Z over temporary occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) issued by Ukrainian Aeronautical Information Service (see Apppendix 1)
  • AIC France Circular A 02/21 issued on 11 February 2021 by DGAC France (see Appendix 2)
  • United Kingdom AIP ENR 1.1 issued on 28 January 2021 (see Appendix 3)
National Aviation Authorities and aircraft operators
The Agency draws the aviation commmunity’s attention to the above referenced information.
This SIB revision 1 is issued to account for amended reference publications.

National Aviation Authorities should ensure that operators under their oversight are aware of the above referenced publications.

Appendix 1

Conflict zones within Ukrainian airspace (Temporary restricted area in the eastern part of Ukraine and UK-P35Z over temporary occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea)

(A2594/15 NOTAMN Q) UKXX/QRTCA/IV/BO /W /000/999/4807N03725E122 A) UKDV UKFV B) 1512010000 C) 1602292359 E) TEMPO RESTRICTED AREA BOUNDED BY COORDINATES: 500530N 0374550E 485500N 0361230E 473846N 0353706E 471448N 0354724E 465400N 0354700E 462230N 0361200E 460809N 0370518E 464700N 0373000E 465900N 0382000E 470642N 0381324E THEN ALONG STATE BOUNDARY UNTIL POINT 500530N 0374550E ACTIVATED. F) SFC G) UNL) 
ENR 5.1-5 05 MAR 2015 AIP of Ukraine


460332N 0332424E - 460621N 0332803E - 460928N 0332813E - 461031N 0332940E - 461725N 0332753E - 461901N 0334008E - 461649N 0334506E - 461806N 0335135E - 461233N 0340236E - 461307N 0340513E - 460745N 0342601E - 460404N 0343011E - 460716N 0343537E - 455923N 0344730E - 455728N 0345609E - 455201N 0345536E - 454905N 0350337E - 453729N 0351402E - 452551N 0352644E - 452345N 0353209E - 452616N 0353844E - 453329N 0354603E - 453422N 0362154E - 453016N 0364258E - 452700N 0364100E - 452242N 0364100E - 451824N 0363524E - 451442N 0363542E - 451218N 0363200E - 450418N 0363418E - 445612N 0363636E - 444945N 0363728E - 444517N 0362201E - 444205N 0354826E - 444416N 0353758E - 443020N 0351356E - 443027N 0344824E - 442021N 0343641E - 441040N 0341907E - 440632N 0340141E - 440559N 0334210E - 440940N 0332718E - 442149N 0330423E - 443302N 0325750E - 444154N 0325922E - 444952N 0330743E - 445021N 0330747E - 450157N 0324958E - 450140N 0323855E - 450344N 0321913E - 451318N 0320601E - 452535N 0320337E - 453720N 0320913E - 455056N 0323802E - 455859N 0330501E - 460332N 0332424E

UNL SFC Buffer zone around and including UK-P35 H24

Appendix 2

Source: AIC France Circular A 02/21

From 22/10/2020 and until further notice, pilots in command of aircraft performing air services mentioned in paragraph 1.1 are requested not to penetrate into UKDV (DNIPROPETROVS’K) and UKFV (SIMFEROPOL) FIRs, except for routes segments M860 KUGOS - DIGAM, L851 KUGOS - ADINA, M854 SUMOL - RASIL, M856 RAKUR - DIGAM, M435 LAROM – RASIL and M861 RAKUR – BIRMA which are available for flight planning according to conditions published in Ukraine aeronautical information, and for which it is advisable to refer to the most current recommendations published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Appendix 3

Source: United Kingdom AIP ENR 1.1 

Service Provision in Ukraine

As a result of the unrest within the territory and airspace of Ukraine, there remains the potential for confusion over service provision in the Simferopol (UKFV), in particular over the High Seas portion of the airspace.

Capacity may also be impacted in this area while all remaining Ukrainian FIRS appear to be operating normally.


Hazardous Situation in Ukraine

Potential risk to aviation overflying eastern Ukraine from dedicated anti-aviation weaponry.

Operators are advised not to enter the Dnipropetrovsk (UKDV) and Simferopol (UKFV) FIRs, with the exception of Airways L851, M856, M860 and M854.

Contact UK Department for Transport +44 (0)207-944 6322 or +44 (0)207-944 5999 out of hours.


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