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Guidelines for COVID-19 testing and quarantine of air travellers

Addendum to the Aviation Health Safety Protocol
Testing and quarantine of air travellers

This joint ECDC (European Centre of Disease Control and Prevention)-EASA document aims to support Member States in determining a coordinated approach to reduce the risks related to the movement of people by air within and between the EU/EEA countries and the UK in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, noting that the impact of quarantine and testing is likely to vary according to levels of ongoing community transmission, and in the context of ECDC’s current advice regarding the end-of year festive period [ECDC Rapid risk assessment: Risk of COVID-19 transmission related to the end-of year festive season – December 4, 2020. ECDC: Stockholm; 2020]. It is intended to support decision-makers in the Member States, including public health authorities and civil aviation authorities, as well as aviation stakeholders, by providing an assessment of the current evidence on the likely impact of measures in respect of air travellers in different epidemiological situations. The recommendations outlined in this document may also be taken into account by Member States when considering temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU in relation to residents of third countries. This document will be revised as new evidence emerges and in the light of likely future changes in the pandemic.