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Will we need to amend the TC basis for each type to include this CS-25 requirement and publish in amended TCDSs?


Yes, the plan is to use the CRI Process and Special Condition tool and make it become part of the Certification Basis. 
The intent of those CRIs and the Special Condition that will be attached is to complement the letters that have been sent to the Design Approval Holders, not to replace them. Their objective is to state in an easily identifiable manner the certification basis to ease future modifications and STCs. Objective is to have that in place as soon as possible. The exact timing of this incorporation for all affected products is controlled per program. Expectation is that this will take place until the end of 2010. This will save the need to issue a SC for each assuming this SC (H-01) is clearly identified in the cert basis/TCDS of the affected aeroplane. 
Note: The TCDSs can be found on the here.

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