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  • Update of flight simulation training device requirements — Upset prevention and recovery training
    Certification Specifications group
    Regulation group
  • Requirements for the management of information security risks with a potential impact on aviation safety for organisations and competent authorities
  • All-weather operations and for instrument and type rating training in helicopters
  • Flight crew competence and training methods
  • Requirements for certain flight crew licences and certificates, rules on training organisations and competent authorities 
  • Declared training organisations
  • Automatic validation of Union flight crew licences & take-off and landing training
  • Technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew
  • Competency Based (CB-IR) and En-route Instrument Ratings (EIR) and further amendments of the Aircrew Regulation
  • Operational Suitability Data (OSD) related to Aircrew
  • Aircrew Regulation - Annexes V to VII - Cabin Crew (CC), Authority Requirements (ARA) and Organisation Requirements (ORA) on Aircrew
  • Aircrew Regulation - Annexes I to IV - Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) and Medical (MED) Requirements
  • Revision from February 2022 - Available in pdf, online & XML format
  • initial issue & issue 2 - Available in pdf & XML format
  • initial issue - Available in pdf & XML format