EASA comment concerning Safety Directive 2021-02

On June 2, 2021, after consultation with EASA Member States and the European Commission, EASA issued Safety Directive 2021-02. The Safety Directive (SD) calls on the National Competent Authorities in EASA member states to instruct aircraft operators with their principal place of business in their territories that conducting operations in Belarus airspace (FIR Minsk) is no longer allowed, unless required for safe operations in unforeseen circumstances.
The safety objective of the SD is to reduce the potential risk to passengers and crews that could arise from operations in this airspace. This follows the incident involving Ryanair flight FR4978 on May 23, 2021.
Regrettably the Safety Directive, introduced for the safety of passengers and crews, brings additional cost and work for the airlines, many of which are represented by IATA.
Safety remains a key driver of the activities and the mission of EASA in providing safe air travel for EU citizens in Europe and worldwide.