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How is the fees and charges category determined for post-TC applications?


For all post-TC design applications the applicable F&C category is based on the type level and corresponds to that category in which more or equal to 50% of the models are within a given type.

This change was introduced by the EASA F&C regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) 319/2014) of April 2014 and changed the applicable rule that was previously in force according to which the highest weight category was applicable, even though it might have been only connected to one of the models.

In accordance with PART V/Explanatory Note (7) of EASA F&C regulation Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153, “the applicable fee category per application shall be determined by the fee category assigned to the related type design. Where multiple models are certified under one type design, the fee category of the majority of these models is applicable. In case of an even distribution of fee category, the higher fee category applies. For applications relating to several type designs (AML), the highest fee category is applicable.”

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