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What should be assessed and/or examined in relation to refresher training? When are the assessments/examinations to take place and who can conduct the assessments?


ATCO.B.025(a)(5) and (7) require the air navigation service provider as part of the UCS to define processes for assessing competence, including assessment of the refresher training subjects according to ATCO.D.080(b) and to define the processes to identify the topics, subtopics and training methods for continuation training (including refresher training).

ATCO.D.080(c) stipulates that when subjects of refresher training refresh the skills of ATCOs, performance objectives have to be established and included in the training syllabus.

In this context, GM1 ATCO.D.080 further clarifies that ‘refresher training subjects may include rarely used procedures and practices, such as seasonally dependent procedures, trends and observations from occurrence reports and results from normal operation surveys’. Consequently, the use of STD or other simulated environments in this case would allow for the assessment of these procedures and practices, at any time and with the desired effect.

In accordance with AMC1 ATCO.B.025(a)(5);(6), subjects taught during refresher training, such as standard practices and procedures, abnormal and emergency situations and human factors, should be assessed on STD or in other simulated environments and/or examined. This is because it might not be possible to observe the skills related to all refresher training subjects (e.g. those related to seasonally dependent procedures) during the regular assessment.

Assessments are required on subjects that are of practical nature, while other subjects should be examined. When defining the need for assessment and/or examination, attention should be paid on the training objectives (what is the required performance/taxonomy level) and the processes and method for assessment/examination.

It is left to the Training Organisation, in coordination with the Air Navigation Service Provider, to decide and to arrange for the assessment of refresher training subjects in the context of the ‘regular’ assessment purposed for the revalidation of the unit endorsement. In this case, a clear link between the refresher training subjects and the performance objectives of the assessment needs to be established.

If the assessment of refresher training subjects is taking place during the assessment leading to the revalidation of the unit endorsement, the person conducting the assessment shall be a holder of an assessor endorsement. Should the assessment take place during the refresher training course, the assessments should be conducted by appropriately qualified personnel having detailed knowledge of the training objectives and the subjects, topics and subtopics being examined or assessed. It could be either assessors or e.g. human factors specialists.

In case that the Training Organisation certified for refresher training does not hold a certificate for ATC provision, the processes for assessment and examination should be addressed in the specific agreement concluded between the Training Organisation and the an ANSP.

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