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Who issues the remote pilot competency certificate for the 'specific' category and how long is it valid for?


For standard scenarios, the National Aviation Authority is responsible for issuing the certificates. A certificate for Remote Pilot competency is valid for 5 years. If the revalidation is conducted before the certificate expires, the remote pilot may attend a seminar provided by the National Aviation Authority or by an entity recognised by it, otherwise competencies need to be re-demonstrated.

For operations in the ‘specific’ category that are not covered by standard scenarios, the training will be defined in the operational authorisation provided by the National Aviation Authority. 

Regulatory reference: Article 12 of EU Regulation 2019/947 and UAS.STS-01.020

Contact your National Aviation Authority for further information

(see https://www.easa.europa.eu/domains/civil-drones/naa).

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