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Terms of Reference (ToRs) and Group Compositions (GCs) Information

Agency Rulemaking Process

1 Drafting and adoption of the Rulemaking Programme 12 Months
2 Initiation of the rule development by defining the Terms of Reference 2-6 Months
3 The drafting of the rule 3-18 Months
4 Consultation phase 1-3 Months
5 Analysis of comments and final review 2-6 Months
6 Adoption and Publication 2 Months

Here you will find the full text of the terms of reference and group compositions approved according the rulemaking procedure.

According to article 4, paragraph 2 of EASA Rulemaking Procedure (defined by EASA Management Board MB Decision 18/2015 of 15/12/2015) terms of references for each rulemaking task of the Agency are drawn up by the Executive Director, after consultating the Advisory Bodies.