European Plan for Aviation Safety 2021 - 2025

EPAS 2021-2025

This new EPAS edition features the following novelties and highlights:

  • Volume I ‘Strategy’: A new section ‘operational context’ is included to provide information on the European aviation system in terms of size, nature and complexity, describing the pre-COVID-19 situation, as well as the impact of the crisis.
  • Volume II ‘Actions’ is shaped by the need to alleviate the regulatory burden on stakeholders in response to the unprecedented crisis affecting the entire aviation sector, while maintaining a high, uniform level of aviation safety. For this purpose, action priorities and timelines were reviewed and adjusted in consultation with the Agency’s Advisory Bodies. 
  • A new Volume III ‘Safety Risk Portfolios’ provides the set of available domain risk portfolios established through the European Safety Risk Management process. It describes the key risk areas and underlying safety issues affecting the European aviation system, identifying those requiring further action. Following an analysis of specific risks and safety issues arising from the current crisis, a dedicated COVID-19 risk portfolio is also provided.

Finally, EPAS 2021-2025 continues to establish a series of actions for innovative air mobility solutions to create a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable aviation system. Initiatives include actions to increase CO2 efficiency, prepare for electric and hybrid propulsion technology, sustainable aviation fuels, carbon offsetting, as well as for the development of an environmental label.