EHEST Safety Management Toolkit for Complex Operators

The EHEST Safety Management Toolkit for Complex Operators has been developed by the Specialist Team Operations and Safety Management System (EHSIT ST Ops and SMS) of EHEST. It has been developed with consideration given to Annex III of the EU regulation on Air Operations, Part ORO Subpart GEN Section II ‘Management System’ and the relevant AMCs and GM published in October 2012, and is therefore specially adapted to European operators.
Version 2 was aligned to the regulatory material published in October 2012. It replaced version 1 published on August 2012, which was based on an advanced Draft version of the rules, AMC and GM.  The changes are not essential, but were necessary to align the manual to the published material. The operator has to ensure that they update their Safety Management Manual (SMM) to remain compliant with applicable regulations.
This Safety Management Toolkit targets Complex Operators as defined in AMC1 ORO.GEN.200(b) Management System. It will be mostly beneficial for those operators with little experience of running an SMS.