Video surveillance

Data Protection Record & Privacy Statement


The purpose of processing: 

  • Prevention and detection of crime and misconduct 
  • Investigation of criminal offences and misconduct 
  • Investigation of unauthorised, violent or concealed access to the Agency’s premises 
  • Investigation of unauthorised access to restricted areas within the Agency 
  • Monitoring of evacuation procedures to ensure safety of staff, visitors and contractors in line with the Agency’s physical security policy. 

In accordance with the applicable law, the Agency might submit video evidence that has been obtained during an investigation, or may have been recorded during normal operation of the system, to substantiate allegations of criminal activity, gross misconduct, or behaviour which puts others as risk. This is only done upon request, normally from the Police, based on their suspecting a criminal act has been committed. 
The purpose of monitoring staff performance and attendance or presence in the office is excluded from this processing.