NPA 2020-01

Regular update of CS-25
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The objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to reflect the state of the art of large aeroplane certification and improve the harmonisation of CS-25 with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. To that end, this NPA proposes amendments to CS-25 following the selection of non-complex, noncontroversial, and mature subjects. 

In particular, this NPA proposes amendments in the following areas: 

Item 1: Go-around handling qualities and performance; 

Item 2: Minimum control speeds; 

Item 3: Fuel tank and system lightning protection; 

Item 4: Cabin safety (various topics); 

Item 5: Electronic AFMs – computation of misleading primary information; 

Item 6: On-board weight and balance systems; 

Item 7: Air conditioning systems; 

Item 8: Flight guidance systems; 

Item 9: Primary flight displays during unusual attitude and declutter modes; 

Item 10: Lightning protection and electrical bonding and protection against static electricity; and 

Item 11: Operation without normal electrical power. 

Overall, these proposals would provide a moderate safety benefit, would have no social or environmental impacts, and would provide some economic benefits by streamlining the certification process. 

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