EASA Eastern Partnership / Central Asia project

Supporting the sustainable development of civil aviation in line with international and EU standards

Building on the previous TRACECA project, the objective is two-fold:

  1. For countries which are part of the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) to ensure their effective participation in the pan-European civil aviation system;
  2. For Central Asian countries, to support their civil aviation authorities in fulfilling their international obligations in terms of air safety and security.  

This is achieved through a wide scope of activities, including:

  • Training, peer-to-peer and on-the-spot support, as well as awareness raising;
  • Dedicated initiatives on safety management and civil aviation administration management;
  • Effectively addressing safety findings raised by ICAO or EASA audits;
  • Support for the implementation of existing comprehensive aviation agreements, paving the way towards a Common Aviation Area;
  • Support for the harmonisation of regulations and working practices with international safety and security standards.

Latest developments by Work Package (WP)

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