Certificates and approvals

Guidance for your application

EASA issues certificates, authorisations and approvals to organisations and individuals worldwide. 

If you intend to apply and are not already familiar with EASA, we encourage you first to refer to the related application form completion instructions, and the technical domains in the EASA & You section of our website.

Submitting an application

If you are located in an EASA member state or a country without a bilateral agreement or working arrangement the easiest way to apply for your EASA certificate or approval is by using our Applicant Portal . The portal currently covers applications for major and minor changes or repairs, supplemental type certificates (STC) and European technical standards orders (ETSOA). We are working to extend the range of applications available through the portal.

For other applications, or if you are located in countries with a bilateral agreement or working arrangement, you still apply by completing the relevant application form. You can download all application forms from the Forms Library. They include instructions on how to complete and submit the form.

Available services

  • Paper-less, online submissions of certain application types;
  • Get detailed guidance on your application;
  • Receive email notifications when your application is accepted with the reference number and the Project Certification Manager responsible for the task; 
  • Receive advance email notifications with PDF copies of relevant documents, such as the EASA certificate or approval and any related invoice;
  • Get access to approval and certificate lists.

We are working to extend the range of services. Check our Latest News regularly for new releases.

Fees and Charges

Our fees are set out in Commission Regulation EU No 319/2014 and are based on a number of factors, such as the application type, its complexity and duration, the size of your organisation or the product type.

Please refer to the Product Lists for guidance on the classification of each product or see our FAQ on fees and charges.

EASA approved certificates and approvals

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