The Agency has prepared the implementing rules and the acceptable means of compliance to the implementing rules, i.e. the AMC and related guidance material. Also at the same time, the aerodrome team at EASA prepared the certification specifications (CS) for aerodrome design. 
Current rulemaking tasks in the field of aerodromes are the following:

  • RMT.0485 – Requirements for apron management services at aerodromes
  • RMT.0589 - Rescue and Firefighting 
  • RMT.0591 – Regular update of aerodrome rules (CS Issue 5)
  • RMT.0638 – Certification Requirements for VFR heliports located at aerodromes
  • RMT.0703 and RMT.704 – Combined RMT for Runway safety
  • RMT.0722 – Provision of aeronautical data by the aerodrome operator 

For a more detailed overview over an EASA rulemaking tasks you can refer to the corresponding rulemaking task number in the current Europen Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS).


If you wish to contact the team of the aerodrome standards and implementation section (FS.4.3) please use the 'Contact us' forms. 

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