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General Aviation


Use the links above to find out more about the activities of the Agency towards simpler, lighter, better rules for General Aviation (GA Roadmap), to find out what is applicable Europe-wide (GA Support) and to get information on how to fly safely with your GA aircraft (Flying safely).

More information on the European Central Question Bank (used in theoretical knowledge examinations for instrument ratings).

General Aviation Stream

  • Issue 34
  • New air mobility | Subtask 2 — Gyroplanes: Flight crew licensing for private pilot licences and non-commercial operations conducted in visual flight rules by day and by night
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  • online event
  • Enhancement of the safety assessment processes for rotorcraft designs
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  • Part 21 Light — Certification and declaration of design compliance of aircraft used for sport and recreational aviation and related products and parts, and declaration of design and production capability of organisations
    Official Publication
  • Issue 33