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Are we still allowed to carry hand luggage on board the aircraft or do we have to check in all bags?


Airlines are asking passengers to take minimal hand luggage into the cabin. This will speed up the boarding and disembarking process and also reduce the movement in the cabin, and therefore the potential spread of the virus.  Where possible, airlines will make available self-check-in facilities for checked baggage, so as to avoid interaction with staff at check-in counters. 

Many airlines are promoting the carriage of luggage in the cargo compartments by implementing incentive policies. Please make sure that any luggage which will be checked in does not contain any valuable or essential items (such as cash, credit cards, keys, medicines, unreplaceable items of sentimental value), lithium batteries (in equipment or stand-alone) or other prohibited items. Have a look at  EASA's safety checklist 'Preparing your luggage - Security requirements when packing'.

Please also check with your airline on checked baggage allowances.

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