EASA at AERO 2019: Making GA safer and cheaper

AERO 2019 news item

EASA focuses on a new vision while maintaining its commitment for General Aviation with the GA Roadmap 2.0!  This year’s highlights include the launch of the EASA Safety Award and a revolutionary new approach to Part-21

At this year’s AERO international GA fair (Friedrichshafen, Germany – 10-13 April 2019), EASA underlined its continued commitment towards GA while embracing innovation and affordability. EASA Certification Director Rachel Daeschler and her team presented the latest successes and defined the path for the EASA GA Roadmap 2.0.

A completely new design and production process

Important achievements this year include EASA’s proposed rules for Flight Crew Licensing for balloons and sailplanes; the Basic Instrument Rating which will make it easier for GA pilots to access Instrument Flying Rules (IFR) flying; and simpler, better and cheaper rules for aircraft maintenance by means of the improved Part-M Light rules for maintenance of light aircraft.

EASA’s new Basic Regulation which was adopted last year allows for more flexibility. Therefore, EASA proposes a revolutionary approach in the way we regulate that will lead to a completely new design and production process for light aircraft with Part-21 Light. This drastically simplified airworthiness system will be developed in cooperation with our stakeholders.

EASA GA Safety Award launched

As part of its on-going commitment to General Aviation, EASA will launch the EASA GA Safety Award – a contest for awarding the most safety-beneficial smartphone/tablet application for use by GA pilots.

EASA will further seek to improve Safety Promotion for GA - Safety Together! – by using interesting and innovative communication methods such as EASA’s GA Community site or EASA’s fully in-house produced multi-language Sunny Swift cartoons. Good safety promotion depends on close collaboration and exchange of information from everybody involved. Therefore, EASA and AOPA showcase their Safety Promotion efforts at AERO and discuss how the whole General Aviation Community can get involved in Safety Together!