EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project (EU-SA APP II)

The EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project (EU-SA APP II) has been launched on 15/06/2021 for a 3-year action after the contract with the European Commission was signed by the Executive Director of EASA, Mr Patrick Ky.

The project aims at strengthening institutional relations and cooperation between the EU and the aviation authorities of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, while supporting the implementation of aviation agreements and the sharing of best practices to promote EU standards. One objective is also to raise awareness for environmental protection efforts to encourage climate action in the region.
At the same time the project will facilitate a more secure, compatible and less restricted access for the European industry to the regional markets through promoting industrial exchanges to support EU competitiveness in those markets. 

This will be done through a series of exchanges, studies, support to policy dialogues, outreach events, as well as specialised technical assistance and trainings.

The project will start immediately and will serve as a follow-up to the preceding 4-year project which ended in December 2020