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Passenger Health Safety - COVID-19

These FAQs cover the measures put in place for the health safety of air travel with respect to COVID-19.  They are presented in the same sequence as the EASA/ECDC guidelines:  at all times, before arriving at the departure airport, at the airport, on board the aircraft and at the arrival airport. The proposed questions and replies will be regularly evaluated and updated.

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What I need to care about: “At all times”

Do I have to wear a mask?

Where can I throw away a used face mask?

Do I still have to cover my face if I sneeze?

Can I take my sanitiser gel on-board?

How will I know what preventive measures are being applied to my particular journey?

What happens if I don’t follow the preventive measures in place?

I am planning my holidays, where can I find the travel restrictions that apply for various countries ?

Are the preventive measures binding or just recommendations?

Where can I find the list of airlines and airports applying the Protocol?

Can EU countries impose quarantine for passengers that arrive at their airports?

What happens if the airline I fly with is not following the recommendations such as medical face masks for example? Can I cancel my booking and get my money back?

It is safe to take a flight?

What information is available for passengers regarding preventive measures?

Which masks are allowed?

What is meant by a “medical face mask”?

And what is meant by “Non-medical face mask”?

Are there times when I can remove the medical face mask?

Do we have to keep physical distance at the airport?

I am travelling with children and/or an elderly person with breathing problems, do they have to wear a medical face mask?

How long should I wear a medical face mask for?

Will I be able to get new medical face masks at the airport?

I did not have time to wash my hands, what should I do?

If I am wearing gloves, do I need to disinfect them or throw them away?

What are ‘very high-risk countries or areas with community circulation of Variants of Concern (VOCs)’ and where can I get information?

I am fully vaccinated, do I need to comply with measures for social distancing and medical face masks?

At what stage in the journey do I need to show my digital certificate?

What I need to take into account “Before arriving at the airport”

What happens if a symptomatic passenger is identified at the airport?

I noticed that I have some symptoms, what should I do? Will I be reimbursed if I do not travel?

Can I accompany my parents / friends / children/ partner to the terminal?

I understand I am supposed to provide a statement saying that I am healthy. What does it looks like, how do I get it and who will issue me the statement of health? Do I need one for each member of my family?

What are the consequences if I do not answer the questions truthfully?

I am getting a lot of information about health assessment before my flight. Is this important?

Considerations “at the departure airport”

How clean are the surfaces? Can I touch them?

How are environments and surfaces at airports and on board cleaned and disinfected?

What precautions will be taken to avoid contamination via air conditioning systems?

Is the aircraft disinfected before boarding and after each flight?

What happens if the temperature check shows that my body temperature is elevated?

Will shops, playgrounds and smoking areas be open at the terminal?

Are we still allowed to carry hand luggage on board the aircraft or do we have to check in all bags?

Do I have to check in online or use the self-check in at the airport?

Are there any special luggage handling processes due to COVID-19?

Can I take my sanitizing gel on board? Is it possible to exceed the 100 ml security limit?

How does boarding work under the COVID-19 measures?

I can’t judge how much extra time I should allow for checks and procedures, what is the recommendation?

Will temperature screening be performed at airports?

How to behave on board of the aircraft

If a passenger on board shows COVID-19 symptoms

My travel partner/ my relative shows some symptoms, what should we do?

There was a suspected case in my airplane, will the aircraft be disinfected?

What will happen if I start feeling unwell during the flight?

Will passengers that show symptoms be isolated on board?

What happens if someone near me on the flight is taken ill?

Are there special procedures in place on board the aircraft to prevent spread of the virus?

Will in-flight food and drink services be available?

Will alcohol be served on board?

What happens in case of emergency?

Can I use the lavatories on board?

How is air recirculated in the cabin and is it safe?

Can we still buy duty free items on-board?

Can I move freely in the airplane?

What happens if a passenger “misbehaves” or doesn’t want to follow the rules?

Can I still buy food and drinks on board?

I forgot to take an additional medical face mask and the one I am wearing is wet. What should I do?

What seating arrangements will be in place to ensure physical distancing?

What happens upon “arrival at the destination airport”

How will disembarkation work in the current situation?

What should I do with any used face masks?

Do I have to undergo a temperature check (thermal screening) at the arrival airport? If I am in transit, do I have to repeat it?

If I show symptoms upon arrival at my final destination, what will happen to me? Will I be sent back to the departure airport?

Can I be greeted by someone at the gate in the arrival airport?

Are there special procedures in place during baggage claim and customs?

What is the digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) and when is it used?