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Proposals for simplifications from the GA community

Many proposals for simplifications from the GA community are incorporated in the second amendment of the aircrew regulation: Taking into account the concerns expressed by the GA associations and the balloon community, the Agency proposed amendments to the aircrew regulation to introduce a more proportionate regulatory framework for the licensing and training of the private pilots in Europe and not only. The fact that in such short time it was possible to discuss and agree on the new simplified requirements shows the real determination of the European Commission, the Agency and the Member States to play their role and deliver the major changes required for the GA sector to face the future. The Commission proposal received positive support from Member States in October 2014. Amongst the measures agreed, is the deferral of the derogation period of Approved Training Organisations to April 2018 to allow for the development of a complementary solution for pilot training outside ATOs, short-term temporary validation of third country private pilot licenses undertaking competition and display flights, the ability for an examiner to conduct part of a student pilot training and then still be permitted to examine them, increase of the age limit to 70 years to fly balloon or sailplane engaged in commercial air transport and many other issues stemming from the GA community common list. The amended regulation 445/2015 has been published in the Official Journal and will enter into force in 8 April 2015. For more details, please contact the Agency or visit EUR-lex.