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Calls for tender
Status Tender Reference Title Closing date
Open EASA.2018.HVP.13 Mobile Phone Services (MPS) 15/01/2019
Closed EASA.2018.HVP.01 Data4Safety – Data Analytics Provider (DAP) 27/07/2018
Closed EASA.2018.HVP.04 Property Consultancy and Project Supervision/ Management Services (Lot 1) and Facility Management Consultancy Services (Lot 2) 18/06/2018
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.14 Flight test refresher training. 16/10/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.19 Support to review the pricing system. 02/10/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.19 Support to review the pricing system. 02/10/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.13 Language training and testing services. 22/09/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.17 Outsourcing of certification tasks to qualified entities (QE). 30/08/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.12 Research Study: age limitations for commercial air transport pilots. 21/08/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.05 Data4Safety - big data platform. 12/06/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.06 Assistance for maintenance and extension of capabilities for business IT architecture and process management with ARIS. 06/06/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.08 IT application and infrastructure management services (ITAIMS). 02/06/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.09 Technical training services. 25/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.11 Provision of medical services. 23/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.04 In-house mail services management, goods receipt as well as postage services of letter mail, packages, parcels, courier and express mail for the European Aviation Safety Agency. 22/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.03 Provision of temporary workers for the European Aviation Safety Agency. 02/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.01 Communication services. 10/04/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.07 Digital and visual communication services. 27/03/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.02 Caretaking, removal and transport services for the European Aviation Safety Agency. 21/03/2017
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.08 Assessment centres and development centres. 21/11/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.17 Framework service contract for legal advice on EASA premises and related services. 17/11/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.10 Impact assessment of cybersecurity threats. 12/09/2016

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