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Common Issues - Restrictive measures Russia

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What is the legal basis for the EU restrictive measures against Russia?

What does “technical assistance” mean?

Do the Sanction Regulations restrict a Russian citizen holding a personnel licence issued in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 to exercise the privileges of the licence inside the EU (e.g. flying an aircraft for private purposes or for an EU airline, conducting maintenance for an EU aircraft, working in an EU Part 145 organisation, working as cabin crew in EU airlines)?

Do the sanctions apply to persons with dual nationality, i.e a person who holds both a Russian passport as well as an EU/non-EU passport?

Is it allowed to execute contracts that have been concluded before the adoption of the sanctions (e.g. deliveries with EASA Form 1, Form 52)?

We understand that following evaluation of the terms „technical assistance” and “other services” as mentioned in the Sanctions Regulations, EASA has suspended certificates issued to organisations in Russia. Is this interpretation also applicable to approvals and certificates issued by EU Member States in the same way?