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EASA processing new aircraft configurations for medical transport at high priority

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the National Aviation Authorities of the member states are currently receiving many requests for advice on or approval of special uses of aircraft due to the COVID-19 situation. EASA is handling these requests with highest priority.

Requests include the aeromedical transport of COVID-19 patients using specialised equipment on helicopters and airplanes. EASA has the expertise to evaluate the installation of items such as special air transportable isolators, which may pose specific technical and safety related challenges.

Additionally, helicopters and airplanes are being used to transport urgently required goods as well as  specialised equipment, medical supplies and goods which need to be packed in special bags or containers. 

Certification approvals of this type will be processed free of charge for industry.

UPDATE June 3, 2020:
Organisations are advised that certification approvals of this type will be processed free of charge for industry only for applications received before July 1, 2020.