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How does boarding work under the COVID-19 measures?


A) Can I get masks in the airplane? Or when boarding?
Passengers are required to wear a medical face mask from the moment they enter the departure terminal until the time they leave the terminal at the destination airport. You should bring a sufficient supply of medical face masks for the entire duration of your journey, bearing in mind that the mask normally need to be changed at least every four hours. Airports and airline operators have been encouraged to make it possible to buy medical face masks if passengers do not have access to a sufficient quantity before they embark on their journey. We recommend to contact the departure airport and clarify this issue before your journey.

B) How will physical distancing be ensured while boarding the plane?
Airlines, airport operators and relevant service providers have been asked to review their boarding procedures to ensure these are as efficient as possible and limit the risk of virus transfer through close contact with other people. Depending on the terminal facilities, you may encounter the following boarding procedures:

  1. walking in a spaced manner from the gate to the parked aircraft on the apron, or 
  2. travel via buses to the parked aircraft, and then via stairs, or 
  3. via an air bridge directly onto the aircraft. 

Where buses are used as part of the boarding process, more buses than usual will be provided, wherever feasible, to allow for adequate physical distancing inside them. 

Where boarding is performed using an air bridge, airlines may adopt processes to make the process smoother and quicker. For example, your flight may board by rows starting with the furthest row from the aircraft entrance doors. Alternatively, all window seat passengers may board first, followed by middle seats, followed by aisle seats. 

In all cases, you should observe the instructions given by airport staff and cabin crew for your particular flight. 

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