Follow-up information regarding the transportation by air of Galaxy Note 7 devices

On 12/10/2016 EASA published the SIB 2016-04-R1 advising aircraft operators about the existing legal requirements prohibiting the transport by air, as cargo, of batteries damaged, recalled or potentially hazardous lithium batteries, including those contained in equipment. This includes Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices. The SIB 2016-04-R1 also advises operators to inform passengers that Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices should not be put inside the checked baggage and that passengers and crew should keep the devices turned off and not charge them at any time while on board the aircraft.

The Agency continued to monitor the situation and was in contact with representatives of Samsung Electronics Co.; who updated the Agency regularly regarding the measures initiated by them in response to this situation.

The Agency also took note of the Emergency/Prohibition Order issued by the FAA (Order No. FAA-2016-9288) prohibiting the transportation of any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device by the passengers, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or as cargo.

Based on the information provided by Samsung Electronics Co., the Agency noted that:

  • no confirmed case of a Galaxy Note 7 device experiencing any anomalous behaviour (i.e. dangerous heat emission, fire) while turned off.
  • the number of devices sold on the European market is substantially lower than the those sold in the US. Moreover, Samsung informed EASA that over 60%(*) of all devices originally sold on the European market have been successfully recalled and are off the market.
  • Samsung provided assurances that the recall programme will continue; Samsung is maintaining all efforts to significantly increase the above figure in the coming weeks.
  • Samsung Electronics Co. committed to introduce additional mitigations which will further reduce the risk exposure (e.g. remote power-down the devices, drastically limiting the state of charge of the battery, restricting carrier service to such devices and enhanced compensation mechanisms).

Samsung Electronics Co. committed that all recalled devices shall not be shipped by air.

Based on the above, the Agency considers that the mitigations already in place are sufficient and is not currently considering advising any further actions. Notwithstanding, this should not prevent operators to implement additional actions/restrictions if they deem necessary.

On this occasion the Agency is urging aircraft operators from EASA member states and foreign operators flying into, within or out of Europe to implement the SIB-2016-14-R1.

Recognising a Galaxy Note 7 device


(*) UPDATE: As of 21/11/2016 the exchange rate has reached 90%